Fertilizers are substances applied directly to the soil, or plant tissues to provide more nutrients and chemical balance, in order to improve production quality.

The three macro fertilizer nutrients are:
Nitrogenous - They work mainly in the growth of leaves
Phosphates - act in the best root development, seed flowers and fruits
Potassium derivatives - Improve water absorption by the plant, improving flowering and fruiting.

Importantly, phosphate fertilizers are the variant most commonly used in Brazil, as its largest area of agricultural production, the Cerrado, has its soil deficient of phosphate, and needs constant correction to maintain a high level of productivity.

Lately natural fertilizers have gained popularity in agriculture in general, due to be less aggressive to the plant, have a longer duration and have a higher cost benefit than to other fertilizers.
Three macronutrients present
They act in the best development
root, flowers,
seed and fruit.
Potassium derivatives
Broadens the absorption
of water by plants,
flowering and fruiting
They act
mostly in
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